Empowering decision-makers with global insights

Economist Intelligence combines data with insightful analysis and forecasts, empowering you to make informed business decisions and adapt in uncertain times. From multinationals and financial organisations to governments and non-governmental organisations, our insights allow decision-makers to stay ahead of global developments. 

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Preparing for the future

Economist Intelligence gives you the tools to prepare for what’s ahead. Our team of experts provide insights into political and economic developments and market fluctuations, and assess the implications for business, trade, investment and commercial strategies.

Providing clarity

Inform your decision making

Navigate risk

Drive growth in your business by pre-empting threats, risks and opportunities.

Enter new markets

Explore business opportunities and develop market-entry strategies, optimise supply chains and develop trade policy. Inform investment strategies by managing financial and operational risk in new and existing markets.

Deliver competitive advantage

Understand global markets and gain a competitive advantage using Economist Intelligence’s core solutions.

Three businesses to help you operate effectively


EIU’s research intersects politics, policy and economics, helping you assess the global dynamics that affect organisations, so you can plan and operate effectively.
Gain valuable insight into your country or region of interest with analysis generated from more than 700 country experts, analysts and economists and across nearly 200 countries and 26 industrial sectors. Stay informed about financial risks with our sovereign, currency and banking sector risk forecasts, and identify, compare and mitigate operational risk across 180 markets.

Corporate Network

Join our exclusive networking forum for business leaders. Corporate Network blends the collective intelligence of The Economist Group with the insight and experience of senior executives working in regions with growing market opportunity.
Inform your strategy by understanding the economic, political and business trends shaping market developments. Gain a competitive edge by attending exclusive business networking events with expert speakers in cities in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.


Assess growth opportunities across existing and emerging medical technology markets with market intelligence from Clearstate. From strategic market planning, to tactical sales and customer mapping, our healthcare and medtech data insights and research pave the way for actionable business developments as trends emerge.
Enhance your business strategy by understanding market size, share and trends in the global in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) and surgical device market, allowing you to track growth opportunities in new markets.

Careers at Economist Intelligence

Join our innovative, global team in providing world-leading insights, analysis and digital solutions that champion progress.